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โœŠ The Motivation

We started LHKPUSH as a sub brand of LHKmedia.in in March 2022 to disrupt the overpriced and mediocre quality web push services. We want to save our users from the hassle of monthly payments and limited web push features. We know how important it is for businesses and websites to grow their presence online and engage with prospects. This is why we came up with the idea of LHKPUSH. According to our research, on average, the internet marketer pays around 50-1000$ per month for Push Notification Services. Every time, customers get caught in their greed trap.

"Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?" - Steve Jobs

LHKPUSH heart What is LHKPUSH?

The beauty of this system is that it's completely self-hosted. This means LHKPUSH will be hosted on your server. That lets you register unlimited domains, collect unlimited subscriptions and create unlimited campaigns for as long as you want by just paying a One-time Fee. So, you will have total control over your Push Subscribers data. We created this solution and tested it on many high-traffic websites to ensure no issues. It worked without breaking the sites. Since our launch, many websites using LHKPUSH have been improving traffic. Our customers see massive increases in their traffic and growth every month.

๐Ÿš€ Our mission:

Our objective is to offer our extensive push notifications panel to individuals, website owners, media houses and digital businesses. Our mission is to alter how you think about push notifications by giving you the most outstanding capabilities at a reasonable price, sending push notifications at incredible speeds (5x faster than other push services), sophisticated panel functions, professional analytics, and more. Also, our mission is to provide a safe and secured push notifications panel, which users can host on their server, giving them full ownership and safety of their subscriber details and push campaigns. We endeavour to cater to all digital platforms for the push notifications panel.

๐Ÿ’ก What Are the Core Ideas Behind Our Mission?

ใ€ฐ Customer focus: We continually enhance our product and add new marketing features to help you expand your business.
ใ€ฐ Innovation: We research digital marketing trends to offer creative solutions.
ใ€ฐ Team: Our team comprises professionals who are as enthusiastic about their job as we are and tenacious in achieving their objectives.

๐Ÿ‘ Our Vision

We, at LHKPUSH, came together with a vision to become a premier service provider & facilitator for a secured and self-hosted push notification panel. We are a one-stop solution for many individuals, website owners, media houses and digital businesses & we're thriving to be one of the foremost self-hosted push notification panels revolutionizing how push notifications work.

"Forget Recurring Monthly Bills and Streamline your Push Campaigns with LHKPUSH!"

- Rishabh Jain (Co-founder LHKPUSH)

๐Ÿค We Take Care Of Your Push Campaigns so that You Can Focus On Your Business

LHKPUSH has been created while keeping you and your subscribers' safety in mind. LHKPUSH enables individuals, website owners, media houses and digital businesses and everyone in the digital world to use a self-hosted push notification panel for a premier customer experience. Customized just for you, LHKPUSH allows a quick and easy way to collect and send push notifications.